Lafôn Launay Cosmetics

About Lafôn

Through our personal care brands we connect with our consumers every day to better understand their needs, their habits and their desires to always offer products that improve the quality of life of those who use them.

Our Mission

Offer our customers, business partners and consumers personal care products with the best value equation between quality and accessibility, always seeking to meet and exceed the expectations of each one.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a leading company in the Personal Care segment in the national market and to continue expanding our portfolio and our international reach.

Countries where we export:

United States

Costa Rica



Puerto Rico



El Salvador


Private Labels

One of our most outstanding services is our ability to create products and brands that are specific to the needs of each client. Whether it is price, size or image strategy, we adapt to offer you the brand and the ideal products to represent your business with your own brand.

Customers to whom we develop their Own Brands: